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    As therapy and nursing robots, they take care of us and come close to us.

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    In addition, other service robots are widespread in nursing and retirement homes and hospitals. With the help of their sensors, all of them are able to recognize us, to examine and classify us, and to evaluate our behavior and appearance. Some of these robots will pass on our personal data to humans and machines.

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    They invade our privacy and challenge the informational autonomy. This is a problem for the institutions and the people that needs to be solved. Robots are spreading in healthcare Becker et al. Surgical robots such as the Da Vinci Surgical System are omnipresent, and therapy robots are common.

    There exist numerous prototypes of nursing robots, and one or the other model is already being used experimentally Bendel a. In addition, service robots of all kinds penetrate in care and therapy and in assisted living. This article first presents the types of robots in the health sector.

    Surgical robots are a special case - they are telerobots and therefore omitted. Also omitted are exoskeletons and high-tech prostheses, because they are machines which are connected with the humans and controlled by them, and sex robots, because they have little importance in this context Bendel c; Levy The focus is, therefore, on more or less autonomous machines.

    For selected examples, the author presents their technical possibilities, e. With regard to this description, questions from information ethics are highlighted, especially with regard to privacy Calo and informational autonomy Kuhlen , whereby the author refers again to the types and thus to the areas of application. For this purpose, he uses findings from the literature. Furthermore, own considerations are made, especially using the dialectical method application of ethical terms to existing practice. Finally, possible solutions from different areas are proposed and a summary of the results is provided.

    Ethics is a millennia-old discipline of philosophy. It goes back to Aristotle and was heavily influenced by Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham, who stand for two of the most well-known normative models, deontology and consequentialism, more specifically utilitarianism Pieper Practical ethics and applied ethics are associated with the specific areas of ethics that are specialized in selected fields.

    Information ethics is concerned with the morality of the information society Kuhlen ; Floridi ; Bendel It examines how we behave or should behave in moral terms when offering and using information and communication technologies ICT , information systems and new media.

    New law allows police to spy on encrypted messaging services

    In a sense, it is at the centre of the other specific fields of applied ethics whose representatives must communicate with it Bendel ; Bendel b. Medical ethics applies itself to the morality in medicine Hope and Dunn It examines the moral thinking and behavior in relation to the treatment of human diseases and health promotion and asks for the morally desired and wanted when dealing with human diseases and health as well as when dealing with the aging and the moribund. Because the health sector is integrating more and more information technology, medical ethics is required to cooperate closely with information ethics Bendel b.

    The purpose of this article is to argue, above all, from the perspective of information ethics, and to use its terms and methods. It has to be taken into account at all times that medical ethics and business ethics must also be involved in more intensive studies, as well as technology ethics with its very wide field of research.

    Die Moral in der Maschine

    There are several publications on robots and care and therapy assistance systems considering the different perspectives Becker at al. Ethics has been dealing with privacy for a long time. Together with other disciplines, it shows how it or its concept changes over time and what it means for human beings and being human. It asks how the loss and profit of privacy can be classified in a moral sense. The sacrifice of privacy seems to be a problem of the information society, when considering what some people divulge in social networks and communication services, and that they make their private life more or less public in virtual space Bendel This brings us back again to the discipline of information ethics.

    Informational autonomy Kuhlen ; Bendel is a central concept of ethics. It is related to the concept of informational self-determination, which is also a legal term. Examples for informational autonomy are: Informational autonomy also applies when the user realizes how personal data is collected, processed and interpreted and can take appropriate action.

    The use of robots can be a matter of privacy Calo ; van Wynsberghe ; Subramanian and informational autonomy alike. The system with which a person may be connected, a caregiver, a therapist or some other interested person penetrates physically into the privacy, occupies space and takes up attention and resources, collects and processes data, and questions the informational autonomy of the concerned person.

    Privacy is a broad concept, informational autonomy no less; their points of contact concerning the invasion of privacy lie where a data subject and a data problem exist. Below are three different types that are relevant in the health sector, the technologies already mentioned like exoskeletons are ignored. Therapy robots and nursing robots belong to the category of specialized service robots and are designed and programmed for their respective application areas. It is interesting that also service robots are being used which have actually nothing to do with healthcare, whereby some of them are extended by programming.

    These are referred to as assistant robots, where this term also designates a subset of the service robots and can even include therapy and nursing robots. In each category, examples are singled out and their technical possibilities are presented. The list is not complete, but the examples are among the best known in this area, as a literature analysis has shown Becker et al. Therapy robots support therapeutic measures or apply them themselves, often as autonomous machines Sedenberg ; Bendel a; Bendel ; Bendel a. They do exercises with the injured and paralyzed, entertain the elderly and challenge demented or autistic persons with questions and games.

    Some have mimic, gestural and linguistic abilities and are - to a certain extent - capable of thinking and learning if you want to apply these terms to computer systems. Advantages include possible savings and reusability, disadvantages are possible adverse effects in therapy and lack of acceptance among relatives. The artificial seal Paro , which has been in use for years in therapy facilities and nursing homes all around the world, and designed especially for people with dementia, is well-known even among non-affected groups Bendel ; Glende et al.

    Top 3 WhatsApp Spionage Apps für geheimes Mitlesen

    It understands its name or the name you give it , remembers how well or badly it is treated and how often it has been stroked, and expresses its feelings which it does not really have, of course through sounds and movements. It can whimper, prop up on its flippers and raise its head. Paro is not mobile and has sensors for brightness, temperature and sounds. Also well-known is Keepon by BeatsBots, a yellow robot that is supposed to monitor and improve the social interaction of autistic children. It is meanwhile available on the mass market - probably because it looks funny, likes to be tickled and can dance.

    Keepon is very small, not mobile and equipped with microphone, cameras and touch sensors. The humanoid Milo as a variant of Zeno a product of Hanson Robotics is also aimed at autistic children. It is as big as a toddler, can walk and talk and has mimic and gestural skills. A touchscreen and a camera sit in its chest. It has eight microphones that enable it to determine through localization who exactly is addressing it. Care and nursing robots complement or substitute human caregivers Bendel a; Bendel a; van Wynsberghe They supply the necessary medicines, food and garments to those in need of care, and help them to lay down and to sit up, and to transfer them to another bed.

    They entertain patients and provide auditory and visual interfaces to human carers. Some of them have natural language skills that can in principle consist of several languages, which may be relevant in this context, and are, to a certain extent, intelligent, able to memorize or capable of learning.

    The advantages are continuous applicability and consistent quality of service. Disadvantages are cost intensity and lack of human contacts. Originally conceived for the health sector, it can now often be seen without arms and named Paul in shopping malls in Switzerland and in Germany. Care-O-bot 4 has a loudspeaker, microphones for speech recognition and cameras for face recognition and recognition of gestures. Via its display, it can show different moods, for example via facial expressions in a virtual face. It is a networked system.

    Robear previous versions RIBA and RIBA-II by Riken , so like a bear to look at as its name promises, and almost as heavy, large and strong as such an animal, works in tandem with the caregiver and assists in the rebedding and raising of the patients. It can roll around and features torque sensors and tactile sensors, plus cameras and a microphone.

    It has an arm and a hand with two fingers, like classical cooperation and collaboration robots in the industry Bendel b. The gripper has sensors. It can fulfil its function in both nursing and therapy. Lio, another product of this company, has a camera for person and object recognition, a sensitive case with touch sensors and an interactive display for communication.

    Assistant robots have support functions, information functions, navigation functions, entertainment and game features. Just as Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant help their owners or users, they help them with all kinds of tasks. The difference is that they are physically present and partially mobile Siri is also mobile in a certain way, because she provides her services on the smartphone, but, as a virtual assistant, she does not herself move through the physical world.

    In the given context, assistant robots inform patients, entertain them and show them movements. One advantage is that they are generalists, which in turn is a disadvantage, because only specialists can handle certain tasks. A robot of this type, which is used all over the world, is Pepper by SoftBank. It is a companion robot, which lives in households in Japan. It is, as its name suggests, a family member, friend and companion. But this is not enough for it. Pepper appears increasingly in schools and universities, as well as in nursing and retirement homes and hospitals, and informs and entertains patients and elderly people.

    Pepper is as big as a child, rolls around, has two arms and two hands with five highly movable fingers. It speaks with a cute robot voice.

    The Spy who Loved and Nursed Me

    A touch screen is located in its chest. Pepper has four microphones, two HD cameras and a distance sensor and is WiFi capable. It can identify certain persons with the help of face recognition and it masters the analysis of facial expressions and gestures, as well as voice analysis. Thus, it is able to detect emotions and re-spond accordingly. Below, an ethical discussion will be conducted, starting from the concrete technical equipment, with the use of literature analysis Denning et al.

    Thus, the focus is on reality, and it can be avoided to lose oneself arbitrarily. Several robots have cameras, partly connected with face recognition, recognition of facial expressions and gestures, others have microphones, sometimes associated with speech and voice recognition. Different systems are networked, connected with the cloud or with internal and external systems. In addition, a few are mobile.

    Thus, four technical categories can be identified, which go hand in hand with ethical challenges. Cameras allow still pictures and moving images of the visible world. After all, the optical sensors of Paro allow the distinction between light and dark areas. Thermal imaging cameras could open up more opportunities in the future. Nursing and retirement home, hospital and home are connected with buildings, which have walls and ceilings, with which to protect oneself against environmental influences, but also from foreign, prying eyes.

    One's home is the actual place of privacy; already in the care and health facility it is inevitably disrupted, and makes it necessary to knock on the door and call out to residents and patients to warn and prepare them to avoid that one gets a certain image of them. Thus, the presence of cameras of this type is per se an invasion of privacy. The cameras are mainly intended for the robot to move safely through the area, to recognize the right people and objects and recognize them again, for pragmatic purposes.

    The cameras can be connected to nurses, therapists and doctors who want to get an idea of the condition of the patient Sedenberg This may be absolutely desirable, and a virtual knocking is possible, so that the persons concerned can prepare themselves appropriately. On the other hand, it is possible that an authorized or an unauthorized person activates the cameras in an awkward moment and watches people. If these are naked or during intimate activities, the privacy is threatened. Face recognition allows the identification of persons. As mentioned earlier, this can be important for care and treatment.

    Face recognition also helps determine age and gender - this does not seem problematic in the given context -, and in principle health insights can be gained which allow to make medical judgements in automated form. One can also fathom the emotional state - this is emotion recognition, in this case particularly recognition of facial expressions and gestures.

    The informational autonomy is threatened not only by processing, analyzing and disseminating of data Subramanian , but also by the fact that interactions, transactions and algorithms are at work here, which remain unknown or whose functions and consequences a layperson can hardly understand. It is clear that cameras support the mobility of the robot, increase the safety of the operation and the supervised and ensure the health of the supervised to the extent of what is possible.

    The price is the loss of informational autonomy.

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    Microphones allow "snapshots" and process logs in the world of voices and sounds Bendel a; Bendel c. Some technologies, also known as virtual assistants such as Alexa, enable the perception of distant or very low noise far-field technology. A microphone is also important, so that the robot can receive commands, and in conjunction with the loudspeakers and a synthetic voice, it is the basis for the communication with the supervised, the nurse and the therapist.

    The interaction can also have a therapeutic purpose. If the devices are used in situations and environments that are classified as trustworthy and protected, there are risks to privacy and data protection Subramanian ; Sedenberg ; Bendel a.

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    In non- or part-public spaces, one speaks differently, one communicates differently, has one's private and trade secrets, and the disparity between the ability of devices that can permanently record, store and share and the need for privacy, protection of personality and secrecy is great.

    With the withdrawal of personal data or personal information concrete individuals can be identified , the voice, diction and content possibly language are equally implicated Subramanian At the level of the content, life data, opinions and ideologies are collected using speech recognition. If the operator evaluates the data or disclose them to others e.

    Entering the area of lost health and existing disease or advancing age is particularly sensitive. One is no longer the same person one once was, one behaves differently, speaks differently, makes noises that bother oneself or others. Entering the area of sexuality can also be regarded as serious - e. Voice recognition, which is possible with the help of the microphones and a special software, is again an invasion of privacy and a threat to the informational autonomy.

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